How did a Pediatric Dentist and Periodontist end up opening a new practice in Poway, San Diego CA?

Finishing Dental School at the University of Pittsburgh, I always planned on becoming a pediatric dentist but wanted to be an excellent dentist first. I took the term "specialist" very seriously and wanted to feel confident as a dentist. Out of dental school, I spent three years at the University of Iowa studying Hospital Dentistry and obtaining extra training to treat children with special needs. I also obtained a Master’s Degree in Dental Public Health, giving me a perspective on improving the oral health of a community, not just the individual.

While at Iowa, I met my husband, Michael Spilotro, who is a periodontist. Michael studied dentistry at Baylor University in Dallas. He moved to the University of Iowa to be closer to home and receive his surgical training in periodontics and dental implants. Graduating from Iowa, Michael had gotten a taste of a warmer climate in Texas and was not ready to stay in the Midwest. We decided to go looking for adventure in the wild west and settled into opportunities in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Between kids and jobs, and living in the beautiful mountains… 10 years flew by. I enjoyed my Family Practice in Santa Fe, but still felt like I needed additional training to properly treat children and help reduce their fear and anxiety. Michael had his own successful periodontal practice and we were fortunate enough to be able to collaborate with many patients. When we decided to move to San Diego in 2008, I saw this as my opportunity to finally focus on Pediatrics. The first thing I did was research Pediatric Dentistry residencies and found the UCLA program at Rady Children’s Hospital.

I set my sights on getting accepted and was so grateful for the experience. Having practiced for so long, and now having three young kids at home - going back to school was quite exciting! My husband and family were very supportive and generous through this time. I completed the program in 2011 and have been fortunate enough to continue to work at Radys’ and with one of the best practices in San Diego. We see such challenging kids, be it medically, behaviorally or severe dental disease. I obtained more experience in the practice than just about anywhere I could go. After five years of practicing pediatrics, I am seeing my dream of combining all of my interests under one roof.

I hope our practice to be somewhere the entire family can go for their dental work. Kids are comfortable and do not have to graduate out of the practice when they are 16 or 18. Parents or Grandparents can get their teeth cleaned or fixed at the same time as the kids and take advantages of all of the same comforts. Being a brand new, modern office, I was able to design with our special needs patients in mind. There is ample parking and access to help someone in a wheelchair get into the office. As a family practice, it also gives my husband and I the opportunity to practice together again. He is available for patients with periodontal concerns or in need of implants. I hope your family can feel welcome and comfortable in our care.

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