Dental Health Month Interesting Facts about Snacks

Good and Bad Snacks and Their Impact on Dental Health

As Dental Health Month is in February, we wanted to share some remarkable facts with you. From good/bad foods to brushing techniques, there are many ways to help keep those chompers healthy and clean. People love to snack while at work, school, or just running around with errands. How do you know though if your snacks are causing you or your child cavities? We wanted to share some healthy snacks that can get you and your family through the day without causing tooth decay.


When it comes to drinks, it’s pretty straight forward. Water is the number one drink for your teeth as well as your overall health. Water is the best thing to drink throughout the day, as it contains no sugars. Anything other than water, like milk or juice, should be served with a meal. Milk does help with the pH levels in your mouth but does contain natural sugars which can still cause tooth decay. We recommend having ONLY one cup a day of juice or milk and always with a meal. Even when the juice is diluted with water, those sugars can still be detrimental to our dental health. Soda is also a known culprit, caused by large amounts of sugar and acidity from the carbonation.



Snacks are on the more simple side. We like things that don’t stick to the teeth, i.e., yogurt, cheese, and fruits and veggies. We don’t like things that are sticky like raisins, fruit snacks and large amounts of carbs that break down into sugars. Gummy vitamins fall into the sticky category. Although they are health, containing essential vitamins the body needs, they also contain high amounts of sugar that get stuck to the teeth. Kids and adults who take gummy vitamins are at an increased risk of getting tooth decay. It is best to switch to chewable or liquid vitamins or consume them right before the evening brush so any debris can be cleaned away.



Desserts are something that everyone enjoys. We think it’s okay to indulge yourself from time to time, but we can also be smart in the decisions we make. We like things that melt such as ice cream, chocolate, popsicles, and baked goods like cookies or cupcakes. The desserts we like to avoid are again anything gummy, like gummy bears, or hard candies like lollipops as they take a while to melt. If you must use a sweet for potty training, we recommend mini m-&-m’s over jelly beans. As long as you and your family follow these few simple rules, you can help minimize the chances of cavities. If you have any additional questions regarding good and bad foods, please don’t hesitate to call us at (858) 748-3090 or email us at We have additional information regarding children sleeping with bottles or neat tricks to help keep your teeth clean while on the go.


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