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With 15 years experience in general dentistry, and 5 years experience in pediatric dentistry, Dr. McGrady has the unique ability to offer high quality dental care to your entire family. The state of the art office offers many treatment options available to help kids have a positive dental experience. From I-pads and a special reading nook waiting for you in the reception area, to ceiling TV's in the treatment rooms, there is something to help everyone feel comfortable.

Treating children can be complicated. Most kids don't even like to brush, never mind have a dental cleaning or filling. We can help you introduce your child to the office in a gentle and welcoming way. When cavities happen, we have many treatment options available and together, we can decide what is the best and safest treatment for each individual child.

Treating adults can be complicated, too. Just as for the kids, we have lots of methods of distraction or sedation to help you through each visit. We offer basic hygiene and prevention services, whitening and mouthguards for sports or tooth grinding, all the way to complicated crowns or implant cases. If dental impressions are ever needed, we have the newest scanning technology to help minimize uncomfortable impressions. When necessary, Dr. Spilotro is available for patients with periodontal concerns or in need of dental implants. We also have many relationships set up with other dental specialists in the community to help you obtain dentistry that is well above the standard of care.

We hope your family can feel welcome and comfortable in our care. Our goal at McGrady Dental Group, is to be the dental home for your entire family. Kids are comfortable and don’t have to graduate out of the practice. Parents or Grandparents can get their teeth cleaned, even at the same time as the kids, and take advantage of all of the same extra comforts. Being a brand new, modern office, we were also able to design with our special needs patients in mind. There is ample parking and wheelchair access to get into the office. As a family practice, Doctors McGrady and Spilotro are also given the opportunity to collaborate for patients with more complicated dental needs.

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